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What do
we believe?

At Milk Moon, we believe that the nervous system and adrenals are a crucial, often overlooked component of women’s health. The fast pace of modern life keeps our bodies in a low level fight-or-flight mode; this combined with a lack of high quality restorative sleep and inadequate time for self care and pleasure, leads to burnout for so many women. We believe that supporting and nourishing these systems enables women to show up to life with a sense of calm, clarity and resilience

 Postpartum Tonic: This divinely tart and sweet syrup combines nutrient dense, iron-building herbs with restorative adaptogens. Designed to support the body in maintaining a state of health and vitality after pregnancy.



Milky Way: This double-duty formula combines milk boosting galactagogues with calming nervines to relax both mama and baby. Perfect for late afternoon and evening when milk supply is lower and baby is fussy

No worries:This deeply soothing nervous system formula offers quick, grounding relief in anxious moments. May also be taken as a daily tonic for longer term support.

Golden Hour for pregnancyOffers safe and gentle mood support for the ups and downs of pregnancy.



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