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  • Do you struggle with feeling like you don’t know how to pray?

    Do you believe there is power in prayer?

    Do you find yourself knowing you should pray but you do not know where to begin?

    That. was. me.

    I started on the journey with a sincere desire to learn how to pray.  I did not know how to be the perfect wife or mom, but I knew that I could always ask God for wisdom.  I wanted to learn how to pray intentional prayers over my family.  I believe it is God’s desire for us to be warriors in prayer, and He gives us a special spiritual authority over our family.  I believed wholeheartedly that prayers have power and I wanted to be able to pray with confidence. My struggle in the beginning was that I didn’t think I knew where to start.  I believed the lie that I didn’t know how to pray and that I would never have time to learn.

    So why sports??… It was through the highs and lows of my husband’s professional baseball career that led me to depend on God. There were constant concerns that came from traveling away from home and very little job security. When things felt uncertain I would go to His Word out of desperation. He was always so faithful to give me a scripture that would be exactly what we needed to find peace. His timing was always perfect. We learned there were only two areas we had control over.. He played. I prayed.

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